About The Owner

Growing up in the Caribbean, our lunch or dinner table drinks were homemade, never store-bought. I grew up smelling the fresh smell of guava mango pineapple in the early mornings and digging ginger straight from the ground to make fresh ginger drinks/tea. This is part of our daily life that was a secret until we decided; why not share it with the world.

With our excellent range of fruit drinks, we intend to deliver beverages pleasing to taste buds and satisfying to the human body. We strive to see our fellow men live a healthy and delicious life, just like us!

Bringing Joy To Your Palate

Evolving from the tropical oceans of the Caribbean, we are a small home-based venture that aims to deliver taste with healthiness. Our baby, the Caribbean Ginger Bar, is the byproduct of what we learned and had throughout our lives on the island – Magnificence in 12 and 16 oz bottles.

Growing up on the damp island, our grannies and mommies made us fruit beverages infused with ginger to treasure us with health and taste at the same time. Sipping on these brews, we learned that drinking something healthy doesn’t always have to taste bad.

Listening to the ancient adage, “sharing is caring,” we wanted others to cherish the same joy that we do in the Caribbean. Hence, we initiated this tiny start-up of providing ginger-flavored drinks that come with several health benefits.

Presenting The Show-Stealer: Caribbean Ginger Bar

Showcasing its vast range of delicious tropical fruit drinks with ginger, the Caribbean Ginger Bar comprises ginger as the main ingredient, providing numerous benefits to the human body and bringing joy to your palate!


Emerging from the roots of the tropical region of the Caribbean, we strive to:

  • Bring joy to everyone’s life in 12 and 16 oz bottles.
  • Promote a healthy yet delicious lifestyle.


Pouring the little we have with joy; our vision is to:

  • To be the solitary body providing ginger-fused fruit drinks.
  • Deliver quality beverages worldwide.

Who Do We Cater?

Our drinks are for anyone that wants to live a healthy lifestyle. Our primary and secondary audience includes restaurants, hospitals, schools, senior living, local mom-and-pop stores, gyms, wellness centers, and residential communities.

Why Choose Us?

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle:

Researches show those who take care of their health tend to live longer. We strive to promote a healthy lifestyle for people of every status, color, caste, and creed with our healthy and tasty beverages.

Vast Range of Beverages:

We offer a wide range of flavors to choose from, so you can easily pick your favorite fruit up and order the drink right away.

Ginger Infused Goodness:

Our main ingredient is ginger; our ginger root is drained daily. It is not store-bought and all-natural. With ginger comes several health benefits that are now ingrained in our bottles.

Customer Satisfaction As The Utmost Priority:

We greatly prioritize our customers’ satisfaction and offer a 100% money-back guarantee to those not content with our product.

Pricing Strategy:

We offer our revitalizing drinks at a relatively competitive price. Our pricing list is as follows:

12 oz pack of 6 $ 50

12 oz pack of 12 $ 100

16 oz pack of 6 $ 75

16 oz pack of 12 $ 150